Below you will find my 2020 Priorities. Many of these I have taken action on in the past with the intention on expanding, and some I hope we can achieve together as a community.


  •       Increase our energy independence,                  conservation, and renewable energy.

  •       Invigorate our Business District & local economy.

  •       Preserve the Historic District.

  •       Expand our hiking trails and outdoor recreation

  •       Encourage safe & secure fiber optic broadband internet & technology.

  •       Foster a thriving art, music, and cultural district.

  •       Protect our community.

                          Reduce forest fire risk.

                          Support healthy watershed initiatives.

                          Increase police foot-patrol.

                          Install traffic calming measures.

  •       Support new options for creative & affordable housing.

  •       Ensure open-door transparency and citizen involvement. 

  •       Adopt proven strategies to alleviate homelessness & its impacts.

  •       Strengthen our collective sense of community spirit throughout Nevada City.

Reinette Senum for Nevada City City Council 2020