It's difficult to know all the accomplishments little Nevada City has made in the last few months. Most go unnoticed by the public. I enjoy working with the city staff. I have always had a wonderful relationship with each of them, and have always been impressed by what they can do with such a tiny budget and generally one-person departments. This is a short list of what the city has accomplished over the last few months alone. 



Prop 68-State Park Development & Revitalization, capital grant program. Up to $200,000 per application for Park upgrades. City waiting for response.


Schematic was presented to the city for Master Plan Designfor the Old Airport. City Council directs staff to release a Request for Proposal from Developers for the initial step of designing a Solar Farm for Nevada City.




City Counciljust approved Sierra Fund to pursue $100,000 for CA Resiliency programto implement fire safety goals and objectives that our local Nevada City Firewise groups are proposing be added into the upcoming Strategic Plan for city owned properties .


New Fire Engine coming in March.


Residential Chipping Program still underway. 


BLM-city partnership to undertake fuel reduction around Water Treatment Plant.

Working non-profits group assessing a Water Fund model for the Yuba and Bear River watersheds.




A proposed large Solar Farm at the Old Airport: city will be issuing a Release for Proposal (RFP) to developers for this solar farm that COULD possibly provide all the electricity for the entire city. 


Sugar Loaf Trailand partnership with the Bear Yuba Land Trust and AmeriCorps,clearing. Currently an RTP grant has been written with help of the county.


New bathrooms at Pioneer Park have been completed. 


City Council approved letter of support to City of San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo and over 50 local elected officials from PG&E’s service area to restructure PG&E.





Commercial St One-WayStreet test pilot has been successfully completed.


PG&E Power Line undergrounding project moving forward.


S. PineSt Railings, Sidewalk, and wall rebuild have been completed.


Boulder St sidewalk & water line replacement are currently underway!


Waterline replacement along Old Downieville Hwy has been completed.


New Signage Underway for Nevada City.


SB 1 funds to be utilized for Waste Water /Utility replacement along Commercial Street.


CBDG grants for ADA curb-outs up next.


Tabletop crosswalks discussed or Zion, Sacramento, and Clark Street. City to make decision about traffic-calming measures.


Bicycle Parking coming to Nevada City this year! 


A beautiful Nevada St Bridge rehabilitation is coming up, Spring 2020.


City Council adopted new Muniple-codes to meet 2019 CA Building Standards with local amendments adopted every 3 years.




The City Council approved funding planned for Technological Hardware & Software needs, Set aside $50,000 per year, phone system, 3 laptops, radio for utility vehicles, fiber optics.


In 2018 cities and counties partnered with SBC for Last Mile Broadband Grant program, $225,00 pilot program for county.


City Council approved Northern Sierra Fiber BroadbandCo-ops to move forward on $25,000 underground infrastructureto 15 underserved businesses with potential of 175 additional businesses in the future.


Unenforced Smoking Areas project is underway.




Extreme Weather shelter MOU has been signed by Nevada City, the County of Nevada, and Sierra Roots for Nov 1 2019 through March 31st


City approved Collaborative Homelessness Program with Hospitality House & County Behavior Health including $100,00 POST training for Law Enforcement including mental health, homelessness, and de-escalation. Nevada City Police partner with HOME Team, Homeless Outreach & Medical Engagement




A Solar Farm RFP (Request for Proposal) to go out to developers, partnered with SEED and citizen Sustainable Committee members shooting for 100% renewable energy production in the near future.


Police Chief Chad Ellis submitted OES grant to address powering city pump stations for residents who lost water during outages, including powering pump stations for residents who lost water during PSPS. In addition, the submission included a replacement of an old waste water treatment plant generator.




Updating new California ADU (Accessory Dwelling Units) laws will create new incentives and streamlined processes to build ADUs, prohibits local agencies from adopting ADU ordinances that impose minimum lot size requirements; set certain maximum ADU dimensions; and parking requirements.


City Planner submitted SC-2 grant applicationfor $160,000- prepping CEQA (California Environmental Quality Act) doc for Nevada City's COTTAGE DWELLING ORDINANCE. The zoning update will address new ADU standards.





3 new cannabis buisness permits have been recently been issued


Parking meter fees have gone up .25 per hour.


A multi-use,190 car parking structure has been proposed for behind The National Hotel.


Under development; bring Burning Man art to Nevada City. Rotate installations.



Reinette Senum for Nevada City City Council 2020